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sanibel 3402WB - DSO Dealer Stock Only

The Sanibel 3402WB is perfect for the aspiring chef! The kitchen is well-appointed with a hutch and pantry for all the essentials, and the large stainless steel residential refrigerator features huge cool area above and two freezer drawers, so there's no need to compromise at mealtime! This model features a unique wraparound countertop peninsula that gives you extra prep space on top, plus a host of drawers for even more storage underneath. The huge TV takes up most of the rear wall.
The Sanibel 3402WB floorplan has one entry door and three slideouts. The entry door leads to a hallway with steps on the right and a living area on the left. Directly to the left of the entry door is a closet, followed by the door side slideout. This slideout has a table with four chairs. It also has two reclining seats. The rear of the living area has an entertainment center with storage on the right and left and storage above. The off door slideout has an L-shaped hide-a-bed sofa with storage above to the right of the sofa is a kitchen area. The kitchen area has an L Shaped countertop with a sink. Against the off door wall is a countertop with a stove. Overhead storage is above the countertop and a microwave is above the stove. A refrigerator is to the right of the countertop. The front of the living area has a closet and a pantry. The front door side corner of the living area has a hall way with steps leading to a bathroom on the left and a bedroom straight ahead. The bathroom has a toilet, linen closet, shower, and sink. The front bedroom has a slideout on the off door side. The slideout has a king bed with storage above. The front of the bedroom has a walk-in closet and washer/dryer prep. The door side of the bedroom has a dresser with TV prep.

Hitch Weight:
2,190 lb.
11,432 lb.
2,758 lb.
Exterior Length:
38' 2"
Exterior Height:
13' 1"
Exterior Width:
Fresh Water:
54.00 gal.
Gray Water:
84.00 gal.
Black Water:
39.00 gal.
Awning Size:

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