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MAX Protection

In Order to MAXimize your Peace of Mind, LaCrosse Utilizes Advanced Construction Techniques and Quality Control Processes Backed Up By MAX PROTECTION After The Sale.

ETERNABOND Construction
ETERNABOND is what we call the superior construction standard on all LaCrosse Luxury Lites. Utilizing lightweight aircraft aluminum, all four sides of the LaCrosse are welded and bonded into the strongest yet lightest construction available on any RV in the industry. Hi Density Block Foam assures you of the best insulated and quietest RV on the market and it will never "settle" over time like fiberglass insulation. Another unique feature of ETERNABOND Construction is LaCrosse's use of aluminum, bonded floors. Go ahead and feel the difference when you walk on a LaCrosse floor - it's SOLID! Finally, ETERNABOND Construction provides for a significantly lower center of gravity on your LaCrosse which maximizes your handling and control while towing.

Extreme Thermal Package (Touring Edition 5.0)
Extended Season Enjoyment is the goal with LaCrosse's Thermal Package Plus. Enclosing the chassis with a one-piece, insulated underbelly provides numerous benefits: It protects the underside of your chassis from damaging road debris during transit and towability is increased since the smooth bottom prevents air turbulence and increases aerodynamics. The major benefit, however, is the enclosed underbelly allows for LaCrosse to heat its holding tanks and water lines to prevent freeze-ups during cold weather usage. LaCrosse goes the extra mile by also enclosing the holding tank dump valves and pull handles providing even greater protection against the elements.

Leak Guard Assurance Process
Prime Time knows that water leaks are the single greatest threat to the structural integrity of every RV. That's why we've created Leak Guard, a four step process designed to protect your LaCrosse for a lifetime of value. The combination of PEX Water Lines and Oetiker clamp ring fittings provides a 25 Year Leak Free Guarantee on your water line connections. Advanced Seal Tech Pressure Testing is performed on every LaCrosse we build. Prime Time utilizes a state-of-art Rain Bay exposing our units to a downpour of water equivalent to over 24" per hour. Leak Guard is a true advancement in quality control and a Prime Time exclusive. Click Here to see videos regarding Leak Guard.

Industry's Most Stringent Testing Procedures
Every LaCrosse is manufactured to the strict building codes set forth by the national third party agencies of RVIA, CSA, and QAI. Prime Time also goes the extra mile by utilizing advanced testing devices like Seek-A-Leek and Seal Tech (Click Here for video demonstration) to ensure your satisfaction. But, we don't stop there - after a LaCrosse rolls off line completed and ready to ship - WE TEST IT AGAIN! Yes, every LaCrosse goes thru a complete 65 Point Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) after it has been cleared to ship. We call it "Checking The Checkers", but to Prime Time it's just our way of doing business. Finally, your local dealer is required to perform another PDI check on your unit prior to delivery. MAX Testing = MAX PROTECTION!

Comprehensive Manufacturer & Component Warranties
LaCrosse is built with the industry's best components and warranties. Many of the components found in a LaCrosse offer extended warranties - some up to 25 years - that will provide MAX Protection and long term confidence. As a division of world renowned Berkshire-Hathaway, Prime Time has the financial strength to assure every customer that they are purchasing a Recreational Vehicle from a company that will be in business tomorrow and beyond to provide critical warranty and service support.

Coachnet® Emergency Roadside Assistance
Sometimes when you're traveling, things don't always go as they are planned. That's why every LaCrosse Luxury Lite comes with a complimentary one year Emergency Roadside Assistance Program administered by Coach-Net®. The program offers numerous benefits including Mobile Mechanic for your tow vehicle, Fuel Service, Lock-Out Service, $2000 Trip Interruption Reimbursement, Nationwide Service Assistance, and much more. Your friends at Prime Time hope you never need to use it, but the peace-of-mind offered with our Emergency Roadside Assistance Program is a major reason why Prime Time leads the way in MAXimizing your PROTECTION.

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